We are having Twins!!

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Early this year we found out I am expecting again. When the radiographer scanned me she hesitated before asking "so... do twins run in the family?”!! Our jaws dropped. As we stared at the screen showing our two little babies the news sunk in and we couldn’t stop laughing. Neil was walking around like the cheshire cat for about a month after. We are both so happy and made up with the thought of adding two little ones to our family.

My youngest brothers are non identical twins so maybe it is genetic?! We were sent straight to the hospital to meet our consultant and upon having further scans we discovered our twins are identical. 1 in 250 pregnant women have a chance of conceiving identical twins, it isn’t genetic. Genetic twins are non identical and skip a generation, a fact I had thought meant I’d be safe from carrying twins!! Haha!

Jokes aside we are over the moon, to not only have one rainbow baby, but two! We lost a baby last year in the start of the 2nd trimester and it was heartbreaking, as you can imagine. We never in our wildest dreams thought we would be expecting again so soon, let alone with twins. Now we have made it to the 3rd trimester we are on cloud nine, and Neil's going to be a dad for the very first time!

As the months have flown by we discovered we are having two boys. Two identical boys. We will have four boys in our home. It is big news and I naturally withdrew from the world to process it all. As overwhelming as it has felt at times I can’t wait to meet them and watch their personalities develop, to see them laughing and running around with their older brothers, who were especially excited by the news. There has been a lot of screaming and laughing and a thousand and one questions, most of which we have no answers for. What we do know is we have a huge adventure ahead of us. Carrying twins hasn’t been all that different to my other pregnancies. My bump isn’t especially larger, there hasn’t been any nausea, but I have developed pgp which must be down to the way they are laying and the added weight of two. Between physio recommended exercises I’m soaking up all the rest I can get before this “Twinado”, as we lovingly call them, arrives this summer.

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The Art Prints above are of our little boys from their 20week scan. I found LoveBethUk on Etsy and simply placed an order for two and emailed her a scan (you can also send a photo from your phone) to print on her satin finish archival paper. I love that she edits them without all the text and medical info ultrasounds come with from the hospital. I found the frame with the double mount in Tesco. I especially love that the mount has two separate spaces instead of one all round mount. I think it adds that little extra detail and shows that although they are identical, they are individuals too (something I keep reading in my research on raising twins is to help them develop individuality so why not start now! Yes I am aware I still got them the same shoes and toys!! ha).

Happy third trimester little boys and happy weekend to you!

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