Turning our house upside down

Aerial shot of our home (from the 70s?)

Ever since I first set eyes on our home I thought beautiful location, the views are stunning, but the layout was all wrong. So before we even put in an offer on the property I sketched some ideas with how I thought we could improve it, if it would be possible or not, and went to google for estimate costs. Once I found a layout that could work for us we put in an offer. It was accepted straight away and we moved in.

Existing layout

Fast forward a few years and I finally could afford to hire an architect to concrete my vision into proper drawings and apply for the building warrant. Typically this all happened just as a global pandemic hit, because of course!

We were granted our building warrant in March and the first project on that list was some urgent rewiring. We had no idea we’d been living with the original wiring from 1930s with any additional wiring just chucked in on top!! The home report didn’t show it and so we had no clue we were living in an electrical fire waiting to happen, until we were gathering quotes for the layout change work to be done. Luckily when the Garden Studio was connected to the mains our electrician also earthed the main circuit board at the same time. We have been counting our blessings.

New proposed layout

By moving the kitchen to the other side of the house we move all the sleeping rooms to the darker north facing side and the rooms we use most often during the day in the sunny Southside of our home. Added bonus is we can fit in an extra shower room and create two smaller single bedrooms. Not huge but enough space for all our tween and teen will need. More bonuses include an entrance door which will open to a hallway instead of into a room. Something that’s always baffled me, and we have space to add a small utility area so our laundry isn’t piling up in the kitchen, plus we can enjoy a meal without the noisy mechanical noise when the spin is on, I can not wait.