The Kitchen Mood Board

Everything is coming together really quickly in the kitchen renovation, after waiting for months (or years if you count since when I first saw the house) It almost has that feeling of running away with me, we are super excited things are picking pace.

Earlier this month I shared how we are transforming our house around to completely flip the layout and give our eldest their own rooms, add an extra shower room and create a much needed larger kitchen in the process.

We are moving the kitchen to where the living room was originally. Every morning since the sunroom was rebuilt to make it useable, a couple of years ago, we bring our breakfast teas and coffees through the house, through the living room, to the sunroom where we wake up and welcome the day. I don't have any recent photos of it at the moment, photo below is from when it was first completed. In warmer months we spend a lot of time carrying trays from the kitchen through the house to the garden, via the sunroom! So it just made sense to move the kitchen closer to the space we actually want to dine in and hang out with our friends and family.

The kitchen is the first part of our renovation so we can continue using our old kitchen until it is fully installed, which is happening surprisingly quickly. There's been a lot of progress this week with removing the fireplace, insulating and blocking off the old in built bookcase. I had thought about keeping this open, or at least the top half but we just couldn’t make it work as it's too far from the edge of the countertop to actually reach anything. Enclosing it means we can hang much more useful storage cupboards or shelves and rods we can reach.

I shared the plans for our kitchen layout here and our thoughts on choosing a colour, and asked for your feedback on which hardware to choose, thank you so much for your feedback with your choices. We have now made our decision and I’m excited to show you our mood board just as it is being built around us.

Splashback | Wall emulsion | Cabinet front | Cup Handle | Knob | Sink | Chandelier | Countertop | Moroccan Tile | Chair | Dining Table | Mixer Tap | Wood Floors | Oven | Chair

We really love the rustic, slightly steampunk vibes happening here. The monochrome choices tie in really well with the exterior of our home and the black accents we will be introducing throughout the house during the renovation. I love the thought of a big old rustic table for our soon to be family of 6 to gather with extra space for hobbies, crafts and games and extra seating space for when we can host our family and friends again. While we love a good wood worktop, only veneer was in stock at the time of ordering so to protect it I am adding extra layers of Osmo top oil and I plan to use the gorgeous moroccan tiles as pot holders and surface protectors when needed. The splash back we decided to add is tongue and groove, instead of tile, so we can simply repaint it to suit our tastes as they change. Besides having a freestanding range, the thing I'm most excited about is the double Belfast sink. How cute are the twins going to be having their baths in here?!