The best things in life take time

A big part of the attraction to our home is the land surrounding it. Our home is currently a sweet little two bed bungalow with large garden space and potential space for outbuildings. A couple years ago I hired a local building company to build the Tuin Studio and add a drive way, fix up garden walls etc. I moved out of my studio last year so Neil could move in and have his own space and music studio. It has taken a lot longer with the turn the year took but Neil finally moved in.

For my new studio I chose a site next the house where a rotten old unused shed stood. This site would mean I am closer to my kids so can work when they are home and close to a tap, such a must for my work and something I struggled with not having in my garden studio before.

The site gets beautiful light early mornings but isn't so bright the rest of the day making it ideal for me as I don't need to deal with glare or worry about direct light fading paint.

Originally we planned to hire a joiner to convert a shed we bought mistakenly but was the wrong size. In the end we sold that and bought a shed we could build ourselves the exact right size for the space. It is a tight space and awkward to document, but the 6ftx12ft shed makes the most of an otherwise derelict unused space and I love that.

I got to work back in November clearing the site and laying the base of Eco plastic grids from eBay.

The shed I chose is from ProjectTimber, though I changed out the glazing for shatterproof perspex.

Although the shed comes treated, with living Scotland I wanted to ensure it stayed water tight for as long as possible so painted 3 coats of Ronseal Shed Paint in Tudor Black on top.

Today I got the floor underlay down which only took less than an hour and taped it together. I chose the easy cut vapour barrier polystyrene for the underlay and taped it together with vapour barrier tape so I have peace of mind there will be no damp rising through the floor. Now we're just waiting for the floorboards to arrive and they'll need a couple days to acclimatise before laying them this weekend.

All that'll be left to do is add electricity, then insulate and board the walls, but I am moving in as soon as the floors are down so I can get painting again asap. Its certainly been a long haul to get this far and its definitely been a labour of love, it is so worth it. The best things in life take time.

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