Studio Sleepover

Before Lockdown I moved a sofa bed into my garden studio at the end of our property to entice the kids to hang out with me, in the hopes I could work longer.

If you saw the exterior video the other week you’ll know my garden studio is far from the house and I felt uncomfortable with the thought of working in there when my boys were home from school.

When lockdown happened this place became our home from home. Movie nights and sleepovers became a regular occurrence and really felt like a holiday given that we couldn’t actually travel anywhere. If you follow me on Instagram you know the studio has since completely changed, more on that to come later. This stage was really just the start of the new concept in making the studio a space for all of us and not just me. Moving a sofa bed in was the turning point in our home and our relationship as a family strengthened because of it.


Studio - Cabin Building

Sofa Bed

Bed Linens

Fur Blanket - No longer available - similar here


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