Garden Studio Progress

Mr boney climbing out the skip at Halloween!

If you’re following along on Instagram then you’ll be up to speed on my progress with the new studio. If not, be sure to check out my stories and follow along.

During the summer my previous garden studio evolved into a space for all the family to share and I’ve temporarily set up studio in the home. (You can read that post here.) While I love the super convince of working in the house it is still my dream to have a separate room entirely from family life, a space where I can shut off the outside world completely and zone in on creating. I do have a new space in mind for the next garden studio, which is right next to an outside tap and even has an electrical point. I shared studio Inspiration here and have since been to visit local artists studios for some real life inspiration and lots of construction chat.

Dismantling the old outbuilding cleared the way so we can see the real footprint we have to work with.

I have also decided not to take on this project single handed and reached out to a local joiner who I will work with to create the dream studio. Working mostly with materials I already have will help to keep costs down. This means adapting wooden panels, adding window trim, making windows from recycled glazing and adding insulation and board, and building the roof and adding gutters and pipes. Listing everything there is to do is exactly why I have made the decision to hire out help. Its frustratingly going to take a bit longer than I had hoped but the wait and having the extra help to make it all water tight and warm will be so worth it in the long run.