My must haves for an easier Maternity

I don’t know if its because I’m older this time round or if its because I’m carrying twins but I have noticed a big difference in the toll this pregnancy has taken on my body and energy levels.

The effects I’ve felt in the day to day physical aspect have been …..limiting to say the least. For someone who loves to roam the hills everyday it has been sooo frustrating to keep my feet up for the better part of the day AND try to keep comfortable as much as possible. Here is a collection of my must haves that help me through the days -

1. Turtledove dungarees £35 - These are the comfiest, softest and easiest outfit around and will work really well post delivery too. Bonus it has no seam along where c-sections scars heal, so zero chaffing!

2. Air Purifier £35.99 - I keep this by my bed and it has really helped with that late night/ early morning nasal congestion. The gentle white noise from it has improved my sleep no end too.

3. Bio oil £17.24 - Help with the stretch marks and relieves the itchiness of stretching skin.

4. Laptop tray £23.69 - WHY did it take me so long to get one of these? Even if I wasn’t pregnant this baby is worth its weight in gold.

5. Yoga ball Anti Burst £18.99- I roll out the alphabet with my hips everyday! Really helps with the pain and stiffness.

6. Knee separator cushion £10.99 - This really helps to ease the hip pain while I sleep, I find this easier to roll with from side to side with than the pregnancy cushion and manage to keep it in place most nights, all night.

7. Reeboks £70 - The perfect angle of sole for walking, not to high not too low, just right.

8. Pregnancy cushion £39.99 - Great for naps or when I know I’m just going to have a little dose in the afternoon and won’t be turning around too much. Will help with nursing the babes when they arrive too.

I'd love to know, is there anything you’ve found in pregnancy that has helped you?