Meet the Maker Week | Day One

Its Meet the Maker Week on Instagram and I thought I’d join in for a bit of fun, even if a day behind!

Hello, I’m Emily and I paint abstract paintings inspired by landscapes, specific to the Scottish Borders where I’m based.

Here are a few things about me:

I have travelled a lot, all while starting my family, I have two boys, 13 and 9 yr olds (help me!) After living in various cities in Scotland and Europe we finally settled down where I’ve called Home since I was young. I love being back in my home town of Galashiels and wandering over the familiar landscapes from my childhood.

If you live locally you will most likely see me exploring the countryside with my mutt Coco, she’s a wanderer but always returns, unless she catches the scent of deer then I have to wait a while. When she comes racing back she often takes a few minutes to catch her breath and recover from the fear of being left behind. Hahaha

This is a solely run gig, when you send a message and place an order it is me who replies and does a little happy dance before popping down to the local post office to send you your painting, unless its being shipped with a courier then I hang around my front door eagerly waiting for the delivery van to arrive.

I originally studied sculpture at Grays’ School of Art and hold a BA Hon’s degree in Fine Art. I still lean towards ‘sculpture’ from time to time, but the practicality is I don’t own my own barn to make and store huge creations, I wish! Ha!

My degree was all about creating space for Art in unlikely places and I am still very much interested in the conversation flow art creates. I would love to be a fly on the wall in a gallery and eavesdrop on peoples conversations while they are viewing a piece of art. What did they notice first? What are they drawn to? What do they like or dislike about a piece and why? I’m also really drawn to how we use our spaces, the flow of a room, a home, a studio and how art makes an impact in a room, is it the centre focus point? what does it add to the room? How does it reflect its collector? “

So that's a bit about me on day one of this Meet the Maker Week. Hope you've enjoyed reading and please say Hi and introduce yourself in the comments.