Laccolith (i)

The first in a series of paintings, Laccolith is inspired by the prominent hills I see every day, The Eildon Hills.

A laccolith is a sheet-like intrusion that has been injected within or between layers of sedimentary rock. The pressure of the magma is high enough that the overlying strata are forced upward and folded, giving the laccolith a dome or mushroom-like form with a generally planar base.

I love the depth of the blues and greens in this piece, the red lines mirror the red mud trails saturated by the heavy downpours of water with gusts of wind which bound out of nowhere. In direct contrast to the smooth hills are the textures of the plants and shrubbery which line the trails covering the hills with their roots and jagged branches.

Mixed media on canvas, 20x20cm, £90 Unframed.

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