Kitchen Plans

My pregnancy hormones have been crazy this week and with the house currently feeling disjointed as we patiently wait for the kitchen renovation to begin I decided to throw myself back into Ikeas online kitchen planner double checking the layout and details we’ve decided on.

We knew from the get go we wanted to go with Ikea as they have a good reputation for sturdy cabinets and it fits well within our budget, plus we can build them ourselves which cuts back future cost in labour further down the line. Although we are hiring a joiner to install them properly and add on the worktop.

Here is the current kitchens layout -

And here is the new layout -

We got the go ahead for the renovation in March, you can read more about the whole house renovation and layout changes here. We are moving the kitchen to the other side of the house which is a much bigger room, with a lot more natural light, which is just as well because after gathering kitchen inspiration we noticed we are drawn towards darker, more nordic feeling kitchens. Namely in blacks, blues and greens.

Once the building warrant was granted I got to playing with different designs and layouts and trying different colours and finishes -

On the opposite wall from the cooker we will have our fridge and pantry.

Our current kitchen doesn't have a huge amount of space or storage so this idea feels like a luxury. Our washing machine is going in a separate utility space in the hallway, freeing up even more storage space and by choosing drawers in the lower cabinets instead of cupboards we are going to be spoiled for storage. Just as well given our family is expanding by two in just 9 weeks!

I absolutely love the idea of having a larger square table in the centre of the kitchen for family to gather round and chat after a long day at work and school or to do homework; crafts; projects etc as well as a place for us to dine together. I am a sucker for a multifunctional space.

I had a lot of fun picturing the room with the sun room adjoining as a banquet type of space. We have an L shape sofa bed which has always been missing a table. Originally I had thought a tray coffee table would do the job but seeing this tulip table in the space really does it for me. I immediately foresee our morning cuppas; a lazy Sunday breakfast; friends popping by; chilling in the summer or enjoying the view during a winters storm, without the view being obscured by a heavier table, plus it’s still the right height for large family meals to spill over from the kitchen. (I’m the eldest of 6 so having large family dinners is definitely in our future )

Heres the potential view from the outside looking in through the sunroom windows

The sofa and chairs shown here are just placeholders to give an idea of how the layouts will flow together.

Between the supporting wall posts separating the rooms, we have sliding patio doors (which couldn't be added in the planner). They slide from right to left, so where the back of the L sofa is , there is actually a big window there!

For the colour choice the decision in the end came down to what is in stock and available right away. With covid and Brexit there is quite a bit of limitation. Ikeas lerhyttan black stained wood fronts were available and could be delivered right away. I ain't complaining! We think they look gorgeous and tie in beautifully with the monochrome exterior of our home. We also love that they are solid wood and not fibreboard covered with Melamine foil, they just feel a lot more solid and durable. Life with four kids will be putting them to the full test soon enough.

For the time being we decided to forgo wall cabinets in favour of one solid long chunk of open wood shelving and rods,(shown here with a placeholder) and keep some pennies in our budget for any unexpected costly surprises that maybe (probably) in our renovation's future. But if we are lucky enough and not have many surprises we can always add them on later.

There are a few final details we still need to make decisions on, namely the hardware and lighting. But for now everything else is looking good and we are really pleased with how its coming together.