How to : Canvas Float Frame with kit from Jacksons Art Supplies

My Partner Neil has travelled all over the world. When he returned home instead of just printing a few photos on the traditional photo paper he selected a few to print on canvas’. Having no art above or around our bed I thought this would be a good place to show some of his travel photos. I needed some that were the same size and have a similar calming theme. As they are for the bedroom I wanted muted colours and soothing tones. I found he had these four prints of the same size and knew they were perfect. But they looked unfinished and needed frames.

I have an eternal fear of mitre saws and have no access to a wood workshop at the moment so a DIY completely from scratch wasn’t an option. Step in Self Assembly Frames. I found these Float Frame kits from Jacksons Art Supplies, that are super affordable and so so easy to put together.

At this point I should let you know this isn’t an ad, I'm just supper happy with the outcome and affordability of these frames that I have to share them with you.

As you can see in the video they are really straight forward to put together. Just slot the joints, rounded side first, into the spaces and they all attach together. so easy. If you find it a bit stiff to get a flush join simply tap with a hammer to lower them into place. Important Tip - use a deck of cards to cushion the blow from a hammer and go lightly so as not to damage the frame.

Then simply screw the frame into the canvas on the back. To make it easier for yourself and so the wood doesn't crack drill a small pilot hole first.

By adding frames the photos look defined and more like travel art than photos. By leaving a gap between the canvas and the frame they look much more professional.

I used these Self-Assembly Frames in a natural wood finish from Jackson's - They’re size is 12mm Face : 38mm Depth : 25mm Rebate 31 cm × 31 cm.

They were under £19 each and come with a 10% discount on bespoke frames when ordering 3 or more and 15% when ordering 10 or more.



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