From Art to Music : How my Garden Studio evolved in Lockdown

Pre-Lockdown I had a great studio space, the biggest I’d ever had and I had it all to myself (mwhahahaha) then lockdown and home school learning took centre stage and suddenly my kids are yelling for my attention from our house down to the studio, at the bottom of our garden, which made their voices echo across the valley! I felt guilty at just the thought of being in the studio when they are home and only actually tried it a handful of times. I had moved the sofa bed in to my studio to entice my kids to hangout when I wanted to work, this was great but not always feasible for them as our wifi can't reach that far! I also swapped two day jobs for a night shift job the very day lockdown (but before furlough) was announced.

I made the risky decision to move my studio into our mostly unused dining room temporarily while I build a studio closer to the house, so I am on hand when they need me. A nail biting decision but it totally makes sense to be nearer to them.

The Garden Studio was transformed into a Music room - home office - sleepover and hangout space (there must be a simple one word name for this! - The Great Room? or maybe just The Garden Room?) which makes more sense for my family as a whole and now its arguably the most used room, day and night.

I love going down just to hang out, its got a really tranquil vibe. I painted the walls in Milltown by B&Q and hung and dyed plain white Ikea curtains in Dylons Emerald washing machine dye - super simple to use, I highly recommend.