Emily's Home Art Studio

I owe you a great big huge update on my home art studio. So much has changed this year. But first I need to show you the beginning.

As I’m at home most of the time I find it so much easier to have a studio at home. There are pros and cons to a studio at home. Cons are lack of interaction and creative flowing ideas with other creatives. I miss the free flow of creative chat that happens in a shared studio building but I also love the isolation of a home studio where I can squirrel away and just get on with it, my work isn’t affected my other peoples opinions/reactions. It's easy access, overall cheaper on a monthly basis. And I know if I had a studio somewhere else I would end up carrying all my things back and forth as I would inevitably still create at home too.

When we first moved in I just did what I had done in all our previous homes, make space at the kitchen table, a corner of the bedroom or any space that was free enough I could create in. I despised this chaotic aspect of trying to create at home and longed for a separate room that could be dedicated to the creation of art.

Then after 3 years of living here (the longest we’ve ever lived anywhere!) I finally mustered the courage to knock down the derelict garage at the bottom of our garden and wandered why it had taken me so long.

I checked what was allowed to be built locally with the planning council and found a whole host of choices online that fit well within the dimensions permitted.

After many hours, days, weeks of decision making I finally chose this cabin from Tuin. I love the nordic rustic design and the thick timber is holding up well in our northern climate.

I painted the exterior with Ronseal Tudor Oak. Atom helped out, you can see he's really happy about it! haha! This was quite a thin paint and needed a few coats. In hindsight I should’ve just bought a sprayer.

For the interior I used Clay Paint to paint from wood finishes direct as it copes well with exterior spaces with things like mildew etc. We live in a valley in Scotland so it is very humid here, even in the peak of summer, especially at the bottom of our hilled garden where the studio is located. I finished the floors with the same finish I used in the house, Osmo Raw 3044 wax oil. I love the raw scandi look and don't see me ever using anything else.

I am really happy with the studio and relished in having the space to create. Moving the sofa bed in made it an ideal retreat and perfect hang out spot for my kids when I'm painting.

So much has happened since, in just the last few months. Due to covid I have moved out of my studio to make space for a home office to work from during lockdown being surrounded by art supplies was too distracting during working hours, ha! and find myself creating space in the house again while I wait to build my next studio.

The new studio will be closer to the house and a tap so much more perfect for creating at home and will be so much better being close to the kids when they are home. With this studio being far from the house at the bottom of the garden, I was never comfortable with working in it when they were home form school , unless they were hanging out with me down there. I am currently gathering all the inspiration for the next studio and can't wait to start building and sharing the process with you.