Colours we're considering for our Kitchen Renovation

Now we have our home safely rewired the first room we are building in our renovation is the kitchen. Our current kitchen is the first room we enter from the front door and so feels more like a large hallway, with kitchen appliances, leading to the rest of the house. There is storage but the lower cupboards don’t make good use of the available space and so we know instantly (even if we weren’t moving the kitchen to another room entirely) having pullouts, drawers and corner carousels will make all the difference in keep the countertops clear of clutter. The wall cupboards aren't the full height and could be made taller to add storage there too. This is what we’ve been living with (image from the listing ad)

We are moving the kitchen to what was a living room (you can compare the layout changes here) By installing the kitchen first we can continue to use our old kitchen and still have spaces to use as living rooms. In true room shuffling style our dining room has become a temporary tv den while the sunroom is the perfect place to relax and admire the view without the background noise from kids on screens. This was our living room circa 2017, where the kitchen is going to be.

The room is a fair size bigger and brighter, its south facing with large patio doors and the sunroom is a direct extension, with a fantastic view of the hills. It's all really exciting. After years of dreaming of a kitchen you would think I’d have a better idea of exactly what it was my heart desired, but I was no further on in making decisions than I was when we moved in, 6 years ago! What is my taste, my style and how do we combine our styles so we are living in a kitchen we all are happy with? This is our first kitchen and we want to get it right. We don’t want to have to redo it in a couple of years by going too trendy. Turning to Pinterest we started a collection, after a while I began to notice a trend in what we’re drawn too. Dark, Rustic, Nordic. The recurring key words to describe everything we are pinning.

Here are the colours we're considering and the inspiration photos behind them

1. A warm monochrome

This French Kitchen featured on 'my Scandinavian home' is one we keep saving again and again. We love the warmth the wood countertops add to the monochrome theme. The Moroccan tile detail in front of the sink has my heart.

My Scandinavian Home

2. A charming Blue

I am feeling really pulled towards a blue shade for the cabinetry. I worry with our Nordic light it might be too cold but maybe paired with golden hardware it would look warmer.

CraftBerry Bush

Or something darker like this Kitchen painted in Farrow and Balls De Nimes No.299 in Modern Emulsion.

Farrow and Ball

3. An Earthy Green

Sticking with neutral colours and bringing the outside in with green cabinetry and walls, compliments really nicely with either wood of quarz countertops. By bringing the outside colour in this would tie in beautifully with the sunroom and the garden beyond.

House Beautiful

Coco Lapine Design

4. Terracotta

This image stopped me in my tracks. Its not something I would've ever considered, not going to lie but paired with the black wood stained cabinetry and raw countertop it brings a strong sense of warmth to the space. Something our house here in Scotland would definitely benefit from. I remember reading an article years ago about choosing colour for walls to be similar to the caves our ancestors first cooked in which instinctively comforts, soothes and is the prefect accompaniment to a kitchen/dining space.

Devol Kitchens

5. Wood

I love the warmth tactile texture wood adds to a space in its natural form instead of the high gloss, smooth finishes. Shown here in a danish kitchen in London featured in


Through this process we've honed in on our design style as a family and getting closer to what we're choosing to live with for the next few years. Looking forward to taking you along for the ride!