Boys Shower Room Mood Board!

It feels like we are bouncing from project to project right now! A lot of projects are all connected to each other, so while one room is being worked on another is automatically started in the same process. We have the obvious goal to have all the structural work done and the dust settled by the time our twins arrive in mid July. Which means that while we are still finishing up the kitchen and master bedroom, we are already looking ahead to the next project - Our shower room aka the boys shower room!

Demo officially starts June 30th and to make sure we have everything our contractors need ready and waiting for them, EVERYTHING needs to be ordered. With Brexit and Covid in the midst of it all we want to make sure everything is delivered on time, which means allowing a few extra days/weeks for delays here and there.

It may seem like work doesn’t actually start until the demo begins but truth is we have been scouring inspiration and sourcing materials for months already. After so much planning and decisions to be made and going back and forth over decisions it feels good knowing our mood board is finally made and 99% of it is ordered. Here is what our shower room is going to look like -

  1. Flushmount lights

  2. Wall Emulsion

  3. Exposed Shower

  4. Shower Door

  5. Shower Tray

  6. Wall Tile

  7. Hooks

  8. Mirror

  9. Floor Tile

  10. Framed Poster

  11. Shelf

  12. Towel Raidiator

  13. Close Coupled Toilet

  14. Knob

  15. Cloakroom Vanity Sink

When designing this space I am mindful it is directly opposite Atoms bedroom and so will feel more like his very own en suite than a bathroom for the whole household. With that in mind I wanted it to feel similar to the vibes he’s going for in his room but still relate to the rest of our home as it is still very much a space that everyone can use. If that makes sense! It is a room we are all able to use but in all likelihood Atom will be the one making the most use of it.

I’m still working with Atom on the mood board for his room but one thing that is clear is that he’s drawn towards a Californian cool teenage kinda vibe! How we’ll make that work in the South East of Scotland is yet to be seen but for the shower room we can draw on those coastal vibes and really give the space the sense of a mini spa retreat.

Atoms Room is going where the photographer is standing taking the above photo! The shower room is going where the cooker is currently. The window in the picture will be replaced with an entrance door to our home. And we are adding a window on the wall exactly where the cooker currently is! I posted more in depth details about the layout reshuffle here.

Although the space is tight we can make it feel bigger and taller by tiling vertically in the shower area and add a modern sliding glass door that brings just the right amount of black accent to the room. A colour I am threading throughout the house to make our home feel cohesive. I am taking a lot of notes from the below image (via) as it is similar in size and also features a vertically laid, dramatically coloured tile.

While I have yet to find the bulk of the accessories, I know we want to keep the small room pared back and as minimal as possible, allowing the shower tile to do all the talking.

This tile had all our hearts as soon as the sample arrived. The type of glazing is called 'Raku firing', which is a Japanese technique that dates back to the 1550's! It uses all of the Earth's elements - fire, wind, earth and air - and creates an incredible glaze on ceramic, which varies in tone and texture each time. Each tile is like a piece of Art in itself, and we just love that.