Bedrooms of yonder year and new layouts we're considering

Living in our home for 6 years I think I've changed the furniture layout in the master bedroom around twice a year! Often swapping rooms completely with the kids, making space for everyone and trying to make the flow of our house work for us has been a constant nuance of mine. This house has been in constant tweaking mode ever since we moved in.

We are currently in Part 1 of the renovation, that is the new kitchen and master bedroom. In the new layout our bedrooms will all be moved through to the dark side of the house. It makes so much more sense for our bedrooms to be north side where we can sleep in the dark and the rooms we are in during the day to be on the south side, bathed in the natural daylight. What will be the Master bedroom was previously the smaller double bedroom of the two existing rooms, but still a decent sized double bedroom. Over the years this room has served as the kids room and my room while we juggle to work out what would work for us.

When we first moved in the bedrooms had floor to ceiling custom made built ins for the owners specific storage needs at the time. They didn't serve us for our needs so I ripped them out and gained the extra feet in floor space. In the same space as this cupboard above we could fit the bunk beds! Leaving the floor free for playing.

This room also had a cornered redundant chimney which we have now had removed to gained extra space. Progress pic of the room today is on the right.

Opposite the chimney is a built in bookcase. We decided to keep this as a feature but needed to make it damp proof and water tight.

I love the idea of having raw wood shelving in here with a simple plaster box casing. I came across the bedroom above (via) and it looks and feels just like what we're going for. I love the moody relaxed vibes off this room, true cozy bedroom vibes. Warm colours. Worn materials. Everything we love.

The final layout of our room is one we are still playing with. I like to play with layouts on Especially now I am less capable of physically moving furniture! Most of the furniture to chose from on the site is size adjustable and I can be lost for hours just playing with furniture placement and thinking about the flow of the room. We already have our bed, though I am planning to change it by upholstering the headboard and staining the wood darker, and we already have wardrobes, so I simply changed the sizes for the furniture on the floor planner to suit us and what we already own.

One other note to make is we are changing the door to open against the wall instead of into the room. No more stubbing our toes! This will also open the room up to create an easier flow through the room, instead of having to move around a door! Here are some layouts we are considering. Keeping in mind we will be adding a couple of bassinets in our not so distance future!

The first layout is probably your A-typical choice but I have had the bed infront of the window before and as there is no view from that window it doesn't feel like it encroaches on the daylight. The final layout is possibly my preferred as it allows for more floor space as you enter the room and space for dressing and bassinets, However it doesn't leave much space to get in and out of bed on the window side of the room and it might feel draughty being directly opposite the door?!