Artist Support Pledge Picks

Artist Support Pledge was thought up by Matthew Burrows at the start of the covid pandemic. It is "a generous culture in support of artists and makers. The concept is a simple one, post images of your work on Instagram to sell for NO MORE (can be less) than £200, or equivalent.

Anyone can buy the work, (you don't need to be an artist yourself to make a purchase). Once an artist or maker has reached £1000 in sales they pledge to buy art from another creative."

Naturally I fell into complete Art Immersion on more than one occasion. I have discovered so much talent, I thought I'd share some with you here.

1.Sara Goncalves 2. Florence Lee 3. Carrie Jean Goldsmith 4. Oliver Hilton 5. Isabo Creations

6.Louise Body 7.Mark Stopforth 8.Alice Watt 9.Jacqui Bassett

These are just a few of the artists who I've fell head over heels with. It is impossible to narrow down my faves, I fully encourage you to check out the #artistsupportpledge hashtag on IG. Be prepared, there are over 400k posts now, so make a pot, turn off notifications and grab a blanket, you're going to disappear for a while!