All about our wood flooring

When we moved in one of the very first things I did was rip out the old 60s-90s second hand smoke smelling stained carpets. The floorboards underneath in the main rooms were mostly in great condition and for those that weren't we just replaced with whitewood tongue and groove lumber form a local merchant. Some had been previously stained around rug areas and the colours varied from room to room, but it was just a simple case of sanding and refinishing.

At first I varnished with a boat varnish thinking it would be super durable and waterproof. Big mistake. The varnish turned the wood orange and not a pleasant rustic brown orange but an 80/90s pine orange of dated furniture. Eeeek!

After some research and recommendation from a friend I discovered Osmo Polyx Oil Raw 3044 which is “Specifically formulated to retain the natural appearance of untreated wood” and gives

the wood a soft Scandinavian look. So after sanding the floors again I poured on the wax oil.

It was really easy to brush on and the great thing about the wax-oil is as some areas wear more than others the wax-oil can be reapplied to just that area. The whole floor doesn’t need to be re-sanded, like in the case of varnish, it just blends together really well.

Our house has had constant room shuffles and reshuffles, always swapping bedrooms and now we have a major renovation going on. Completely flipping our house upside down.

Osmo wax oil is also scratch and scuff-resistant, whilst protecting against liquid spills. Its coped really well under all the furniture shuffling and I can use it in my kitchen too, which is being installed this week!

Kitchen Progress

This post isn't in anyway sponsored, after receiving a few queries about our floors I just thought I'd share the process with you and the product we chose to use and love and would recommend again and again.