2020 Exterior Video Tour

Last week I hinted that I had moved out of my garden studio, this is due mostly because I felt it was too far from the house and the kids during lockdown and so I have set up a temporary studio in the house again.

I thought it would be fun to show you the exterior of our home with a video tour, so you can get an idea of space and layout.

As you enter our property we have a lawned garden at the top and a skip where we are currently collecting all the rubble from around the gardens and the decorative wall that is falling down. This space needs a lot of work and so far hasn’t been a priority for us.

When you come down the steps to the side we have an old shed I am about to tear down. This will be the new studios space. On days like today you wouldn’t know but its actually quite a bright spot considering its hidden around the back fo the house. It’s prefect for me to work from because it is so close to the house, the kids bedroom is on the right, and has access to our outside tap.

Around the side from there is the wood shed and a couple of new storage sheds we are working on, then out to the veranda where in the summer we had our pool set up here, but now I am using it as a space to finish building the treehouse and the new studio. Ordinarily we have a fire pit and some chairs set up here. Its the perfect spot to admire the hills and toast some marshmallows.

The next set of steps take us down to the fruit trees, in the summer we have plums and now we have an abundance of apples. Last year we realised the potential for a treehouse here, or a clubhouse now the kids are older, 9 and 13. It is a labour of love. We have taken our sweet sweet time with it, making a tonne of mistakes as we went along and correcting them, think its been good for the kids, although we are all getting fed up with it now and just want it to be done already. I’m hoping to finish up the roof this week. Fingers crossed the rains stays off.

Then we continue down the steps to the trampoline and the Garden Room. My old studio. This space has been a godsend over lockdown. Having our very own wee holiday home just 20ft away. We have spent many nights here, watching movies, and just generally having a hideaway from the pre-reno chaos of the house. It is our go to r+r space.

So that’s the exterior tour of our home as it stands right now. I’m looking forward to see how much changes over the next year, but most of all building the new studio.